MSSO Chairman Dr. Mynampally Rohith

Dr. Mynampally Rohith

MSSO Chairman

Dr. Rohith comes from a political background, and his influence has been of great help to all those in need in varied ways. This helped earn him a special place in people's hearts.

On humanitarian grounds, Dr. Mynampally Rohith, MBBS, from Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences, has come forward to impact people's lives positively through his charitable organization called Mynampally Social Service Organization (MSSO).

An Indian entrepreneur, a doctor by profession with social service in his blood, is inspiring others with his philanthropic work. Dr. Rohith is also active on social media, influencing huge numbers of followers with his passion to serve the needy.

About Mynampally Rohith

Dr. Mynampally Rohith needs no introduction. He is a gifted doctor and entrepreneur based in Hyderabad, Telangana. He earned an MBBS degree from the Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences and is bringing positive change in the lives of people across Telangana and other states with his humanitarian work carried out through his charitable organisation called 'Mynampally Social Service Organization'.

Dr. Rohith, son of dynamic leader Mynampally Hanumantha Rao, who is influencing people in many ways as an MLA carrying out development activities in his constituency and philanthropic activities, inspired his son to take his legacy ahead. Growing up seeing his father do social service, social service has become deeply rooted in him, and serving and helping the destitute earned him a special place in the hearts of every person who sought help.

MSSO Founder Mynampally Hanumanth Rao

Helping Hands for the Needy

  • Who, with his humanitarian work, has come forward to impact people's lives positively through his charitable organisation called 'Mynampally social service organization'.
  • Dr. Rohith comes from a political background, and with his influence has been of great help to all those in need in varied ways. This helped earn him a special place in people's hearts.
  • His organisation has done several things for people in need and is making every possible effort in times of COVID-19 as well to reach more people and help them with various initiatives.
  • The world may have come closer through digital mediums, but how far have we come in our quest to be of help to others? This is something we must question for own selves
  • His presence across social media platforms also proves the kind of prominence Dr. Rohith has gained at such a young age as a doctor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.
  • Some of the philanthropic work that Mynampally social service organisation has been doing includes supplying free water tanks to people from slums, conducting many special eye camps and health camps, digging thousands of free bore wells for the needy in Medak, Malkajgiri, and various other places in Telangana, helping people with fixed deposits, especially orphans and widows, providing jobs to the unemployed, donating funds to temples and community halls, and installing free CCTV cameras in many societies.
  • During COVID-19, we distributed 100 tonnes of rice and essential commodities in Malkajgiri constituency. They have even distributed 50,000 sanitizer bottles and masks to the public.
  • In a world that is so obsessed with their own selves and their own lives, it is surreal to know that there are a few kind individuals who always put others first and work for them selflessly.
  • However, luckily, the world is seeing some young, accomplished, and yet kind individuals who are leaving no stone unturned to make a difference in the lives of others through their small or significant efforts.

MSSO Activities

Mynampally Social Service Organization

Chairman, MSSO, distributing Cheques for each of Rs. 5,000 to the mentally and physically challenged in Citizen Colony, Alwal.

Yound & Dynamic Leader Mynampally Rohith

Notebooks and pens were distributed to 650 students at Maccha Bollaram Division Kaukur Government School.

Inspiring Indian Entrepreneur Dr. Mynamaplly Rohith

Attended a mega-free health checkup, eye testing, and blood donation camp organised by YOUWECAN and the UV Foundation.

Mynampally Rohith net worth

The chairman of MSSO distributed boxing kits to poor boxing enthusiasts who were unable to afford them.


Distributed shoes to children from various districts of Telangana belonging to financially backward classes.

Mynampally Rohith Helping Hands in Medak

Moulali Division TRS Woman President Syed Maimuda Begum's daughter was presented with a check of Rs. 1 lakh for her marriage.

Mynampally Rohit
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